17 years young, drama queen, cheerleader, singer, nerd, optimist, Independent, sweetheart && Single. I take no shit from anyone and i am not afraid to put you in your place. I am a nice person to talk to so please message me xox :). Enjoy my blog <3


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Photo of Byron Bay - one of Australia's best beaches!


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All I want is a closet full of amazing sexy clothes, fast sexy car, sexy hair and a sexy ass body. #newworldproblems

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Maybe we should have taken it slower

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My dream guy.

I love boys in cowboy hats, I love boys who can hunt, who can work and who can treat a girl right. A boy who drive a pick up truck. A boy who is country. A boy who doesnt mind getting dirty. A boy that can party (not trashy). A boy who is smart, easy to talk to, good to cuddle with, has a great smile and a rockin body. That right there is my dream boy.

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Lea was supposed to wear white, not black .

She was supposed to plan a wedding, not a funeral .

And she was supposed to say “I Do&#8221;, not “Goodbye&#8221;

Rest In Peace Cory Monteith

Pray For Lea Michele